Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Naturally Protect Yourself Against The Flu Virus

The flu virus is a big topic these days. For some of us these are uncertain times. How do we protect ourselves from the flu virus? Well my suggestion is to learn how to boost your own immunity naturally, without the use of vaccines or supplements. Your own immune system is your best defense and should be utilized fully first.
Most of the beneficial bacteria are in the gut and can also be found in other other orifices, including the sinuses and nasal passages. If your intestines are in poor health, you will inevitably have issues with low immunity, less resistance to viruses and infection and inflammation. So what causes low immunity, less resistance to viruses and infection and inflammation? Stress. Stress comes in all forms and there is good and bad stress. Some of the good stress can even become negative if done too much.
Some examples of bad stress are conventional toxic food, negative toxic emotions, doing and thinking too much, chemical stress and environmental stress. Exercise can even become stressful for the body if done too excessively or not done properly. That's why we want to focus on balance.
I'll be talking about the top five steps we can take to boost our immunity naturally in my next four blogs. The first way is to stick with organic fruits, veggies and pasture fed meats at least 80% of the time. Start by cleaning out your pantry and getting rid of the processed junk foods.
If you take the junk foods out of your house you will be less tempted to eat them on a daily basis. That way if you get tempted by junk foods outside of the home, you'll end up eating less junk food overall.
Dispose of any product in your pantry that contains white flour, white sugar and white table salt. Switch these out for organic gluten free flour (brown rice flour, bean flour, potato flour or quinoa flour, millet flour, buckwheat flour), sprouted flour, organic raw amber agave nectar, 100% stevia and celtic sea salt. I personally love to cook pancakes with sprouted or organic gluten free flour, this adds variety.
Then take a trip to your market and buy all the fruits and veggies you normally buy but in the organic and/or local section. When it comes to buying meats pasture fed is the best. You want to eat animals that are eating what they are designed to eat, like grass, bugs, etc. Conventional animals eat corn and moldy grains and are injected with hormones and antibiotics. These are not happy healthy animals. When we eat sick animals this makes us sick since we make new cells in our body from the food we take in. That's why it is crucial to eat healthy, happy pasture fed animals.
In my next blog I'll be discussing why sugar is a major immunity suppressor, what you can replace your sugar with, and how to get rid of sugar cravings.

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Heidi Parker said...

I have removed all the junk food from my house and it's REALLY HARD to eat that orange or raspberries when I'm craving sugar, but I feel better for it! On that note, looking forward to your next post! Oh, and your buckwheat pancakes ROCK. I may need to try some other flours like you suggested!