Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Digestion

1- How many chews does it take to liquefy your food? Always chew your food well and never swallow big chunks of food.

2- Always eat your biggest meals of the day earlier in the day since your digestion is strongest between 7am and 11am. As the day goes on your meals should get smaller with dinner being your smallest meal of the day.

3- Make sure you are sitting down and relaxed during your meals. If you are standing, watching TV or on the computer you can activate your sympathetic nervous system which is fight or flight. This can actually shut off your digestive system.

4- Pay attention to how you feel after each meal. If you feel tired you probably did not get the right combination/ratio of food at your meal or you didn't eat enough high quality nutrient dense foods.
If you have more energy after eating, you did good.

5- Try not to drink your water right before a meal, during or right after. This inhibits digestion as well as affects nutrient absorption.

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